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Genuine products ...

from our land, to your table.

The cuisine of our chef Valentino Salvi, was born above all from its Amatrician origins, a land of great flavors and traditions, between Lazio and Abruzzo. From homemade pasta to long-cooking sauces, a cuisine that has been embellished over time with its continual travel in search of new flavors, Australia, Mexico and in particular with its great passion for the Middle East, Turkey and Iran, where use of spices and contrasting flavors have taken a main place in its kitchen.

In 2010, he is Chef Patron, together with his brother Valerio, of "Salvi a San Lorenzo". A small parenthesis takes him to Iran in January 2014 to follow and coordinate the opening of Tehran's "Rach - Persian Fine Cusine" international restaurant.

A year later in February 2015, he closed "Salvi a San Lorenzo" for a new foreign departure, Instanbul. There he coordinates and follows in person the kitchen of the restaurant "Aida - Wine and Kitchen" in the Asian neighborhood of Modà. After completing this Turkish experience, returning to Italy leads to Valentino, after some Roman collaborations, including the significant experience with the French Embassy "L'Ecole De France", the return to its origins, in Sabina, to begin this new Homemade adventure at "La Tenuta - Resort Agricolo."

The Restaurant

In the winter season we are open on saturdays both at lunch and dinner, and on fridays and sundays only for lunch.

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The Kitchen

Regional traditions, great flavors and BIO products. A unique experience in Sabina.

The Products

Certified organic production. A sought-after selection of local produce helps us in our mission of delighting in a healthy way.

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